Simple, easy and diversity menu solutions. Provide regular mode menu, advance menu with quick search and group type, support multiple modes such as dynamic menu data, call menu with mouse right click and embedded to page and so on

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The icons in SelectMenu used are made by IconFont

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jQuery plugin

SelectMenu basis on jQuery 1.x library development

Simple interface

The interface of SelectMenu was simple and friendly, do not need to modify the style can be easily used in a variety of UI

Multiple Selection

In advanced mode, menu item can be selected for multiple items

Regular menu

Regular menu presentation, display menu item and support multiple level menu, can use link jump or callback processing execution result

Advanced menu

In the advanced menu mode, the menu supports quick search (autocomplete), multi-group data (Tabs), set menu display height, and so on


SelectMenu provides many configurable parameters, so that the menu is flexible for a variety of use scenarios

Dynamic data

In addition to the Json data in a fixed format, the data source can also be used to dynamically set the items in the menu using dynamic acquisition


To select menu item, use keyboard to perform navigation and selection operations, improve operational efficiency


Support international multi-language switching, in the i18n project can be quickly applied