SelectMenu including regular, advanced, right click and embedded and so on types menu features

A. Select your favorite NBA team:

The NBA team logo images copyright comes form

B. Choose teams to follow team news:

C. Which site you want to visit ?

D. Menu embedded to page

E. your mouse right click to call menu

Mouse right click this area

2.2 Menu with title bar

2.3 Menu item with header type

2.4 Menu with arrow, like a bubble

2.5 Multiple level menu

3.2 close quick search bar

3.3 set menu size show menu item size

3.4 Multiple group data menu (tabs), multiple select mode

3.5 Set item selected when menu init complete

3.6 Custom menu item template

3.7 Callback

Mouse right click to call regular menu

Mouse right click this area

Mouse right click to call advanced menu

Mouse right click this area

mouse enter area to open menu, leave area to close menu

Mouse enter this area to open menu, leave to hide menu

  • SelectPage
  • SelectMenu
  • bDialog
  • bPage
  • bTabs

Regular menu embedded to page

Advanced menu embedded to page

7.Data linkage multiple function use cases

With the other plugin linkage SelectPage、bDialog


A simple style and powerful selection jQuery plugin, including ajax remote data, autocomplete, pagination, tags, i18n and keyboard navigation features


Extend the Bootstrap Modal features, making dialog more functions and easier to use, dialog type including :

  • Modal
  • Alert
  • Mask
  • Toast

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